17th-century American painters

Some of best 17th-century American painters:

Hendrick Couturier

Hendrick Couturier (1620, Leiden – 1684, New York City), was a Dutch Golden Age painter. According to the RKD he married in Leiden in 1648 and moved to America. He lived both in New Amsterdam/New York and New Amstel/New Castle. He is primarily known today as the (possible) portrait painter of Pieter Stuyvesant, though this...

Jeremiah Dummer (silversmith)

Jeremiah Dummer (14 September 1645 – May 24, 1718) was the first American-born silversmith, whose works are today very valued, two items of his having sold in 2004 and 2007 both for $204,000. He was afterward noted as a portrait painter and as an engraver, who created the first paper currency in Connecticut Colony. His...

Thomas Smith (American painter)

Thomas Smith was an artist, sailor and slave trader in colonial New England. Smith is best known for the self-portrait that he painted c. 1680, which according to the Worcester Art Museum, is "the forlorn seventeenth-century New England portrait by an identified artiste and the antediluvian extant American self-portrait." Smith was after that a prominent...

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