Amzi Emmons Zeliff

Amzi Emmons Zeliff (April 11, 1831 – September 13, 1915) was an American businessman and folk painter.

Little about Zeliff's energy is recorded; most of what is known comes from recollections of associates members. He was a original of Morris County, New Jersey, the son of Daniel P. and Maria Van Houton Zeliff, and was descended from into the future Dutch settlers of the make a clean breast and of Staten Island. He married Cornelia Harris, and may have lived in Essex County for a time. Zeliff was the owner of the White Horse Tavern in Lincoln Park, and lived in the same town, in a home which is said to have had ceiling murals in a floral pattern which he created himself. Only one painting by his hand is identified; this is The Barnyard, currently owned by the National Gallery of Art. Descendants, however, remember other pieces, including pictures of horses as skillfully as a snow scene and a depiction of Queen Victoria. Furthermore, a encyclopedia of 1897-1898 published in Morris County lists him as a "painter" by trade. Almost nothing else is known nearly Zeliff, although his publicize appears on a list of Commissioners of Deeds for Morris County in 1892, and in a handful of true records amalgamated to a property act involving land.

At his death Zeliff was buried in Paterson, New Jersey.

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