Burr H. Nicholls

Burr H. Nicholls (December 9, 1848 – May 12, 1915) was an American painter who studied art bearing in mind Carolus-Duran in Paris and first exhibited his feign in London at Dudley Gallery. Most of his works were based upon scenes from the seven years that he studied and lived in Europe.

Nicholls was married three times, but it was his marriage to his second wife, Rhoda Holmes Nicholls, that caused a media sensation across the United States. In 1897 both Burr and Rhoda Nicholls submitted paintings to the Paris Salon; Rhoda's was in style with obedient mention but Burr's was rejected. This triggered a period of marital discontent followed by separation. Their divorce was finalized in 1906 and was reported in many American newspapers. Journalists warned women of the peril of pursuing vocations that put them in competition subsequently their husbands.

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