Daniel Otto

Daniel Otto (c. 1770–1822) was an American fraktur artist.

Otto was born in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, the son of fraktur artiste Johann Henrich Otto. When his daddy moved from Schaefferstown, Daniel followed suit, moving considering him to Mahanoy Township, then in Northumberland County, where the elder Otto took stirring a reveal at St. Peter's Church. Eventually he moved to Brush Valley, Miles Township, Centre County, later heartwarming to Aaronsburg in the similar county. In 1821 his publish was removed from that community's tax list, indicating that he may have moved elsewhere. For much of his sparkle Otto worked as a schoolmaster; he was married, and had a large family. He is believed to have died in Centre County, in Haines Township.

Otto has with been called the "Flat Tulip Artist" due to the large, flat tulips which feature in many of his paintings. Other symbols which recur in his art add together parrots, birds with long necks, mermen and mermaids, alligators, and paired lions. On certificates he tended to compartmentalize his texts, unlike his father. He favored ochres and yellows when painting his works, which tend to be more colorful than those of his father and brothers. Three pieces by Otto are in the store of the Winterthur Museum, Another is held in the heap of Franklin & Marshall College.

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