Grace Hamilton McIntyre

Grace Hamilton McIntyre (1878–1962) was an American painter of portrait miniatures.

What Tiny is known of McIntyre's dynamism comes from a manuscript biography written by her daughter, Lois Darling. She was a original of Staten Island who moved following her family to Nebraska, where her daddy was one of the founders of the first beet-sugar matter in the United States. By 1893 she was encourage in New York City at the Veltin School for Girls upon the Upper West Side. She did competently in china painting, and far ahead also studied the painting of miniatures. In 1899 she traveled to Europe in imitation of her neighbors, the Fabers; on her return she painted miniatures upon commission from intimates and friends. She married Malcolm McIntyre, a mechanical engineer, in 1910, and ceased painting after Lois, the couple's unaided child, was born in 1917. Her perform was shown at the National Academy of Design as allocation of exhibitions by the American Society of Miniature Painters in 1915 and 1916; after the intimates moved to Riverside, Connecticut, she exhibited in local libraries several times. A number of her pieces are currently in the hoard of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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