Marjorie Organ

Marjorie Organ Henri (December 3, 1886 – July 1930) was an Irish-born American illustrator, cartoonist and caricaturist.

One of five children of an Irish wallpaper designer, Organ came to the United States once her family like she was 13. She briefly attended Hunter College past dropping out at age 14 to study behind illustrator Dan McCarthy. In the fall of 1902, at the age of 16, she gained employment as a cartoonist in William Randolph Hearst's New York Journal, the on your own female artist on the staff. There she authored several comic strips, the longest presidency being Reggie and the Heavenly Twins. Organ plus published two strips, The Man Hater Club and Strange What a Difference a Mere Man Makes, in the New York World. In ahead of time 1908 she met painter Robert Henri and soon began united a class of his at the New York School of Art. On May 5, 1908, the two were married. Although she continued to manufacture drawings and paintings after that, she was more frequently the model for Henri and spent much of her excitement orchestrating their social life.

Henri as a consequence painted at least two portraits of Marjorie Organ's sister, Violet Organ.

Organ was one of the artists who exhibited at this landmark show. Although she was already married to Henri she showed as Marjorie Organ. The work included several of her drawings listed as Drawings Nos. 1-6 ($50 each).

Robert Henri died of cancer in 1929 and she followed him a year later, also of cancer.

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