Paul E. Harney

Paul Harney was born upon October 21, 1850, in New Orleans, the son of Paul and Susan Ferris Harney. They moved to St. Louis in the same way as he was certainly young. He was an yet to be student of artist Alban Jasper Conant, a painter of Abraham Lincoln, and vanguard studied art at the National Academy in New York and the Royal Academy in Munich under Barth and Lindenschmit.

Harney fixed in Alton, Illinois and taught as a zealot of the capacity at Shurtleff College. After twenty years as both talent and as Shurtleff's Director of Art, he moved to the Missouri side of the Mississippi River along gone his wife Emma Stewart and his three children (his son Eliot had died while nevertheless in Alton).
For several years Harney occupied a seat in the St. Louis School of Fine Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. He was a founding zealot of the St. Louis Artists' Guild and a advocate of the Society of Western Arts.

Several unfortunate tragedies beset Harney's progressive years. All three of his remaining children died amongst 1906 and 1907 (Howard, Estelle Harney Hauskins, and Paul,) along considering his wife, who died in 1910. Harney died poverty stricken of tuberculosis on November 27, 1915, at the age of 66. The St. Louis Artists' Guild both eulogized one of its founders and paid for his cremation.

According to the Alton Evening Telegraph, November 27, 1915, Paul Harney was 66 at the era of death. The newspaper said that chicken pictures and monk's heads were his favorites, and there was always demand for the pictures. Most of his pictures were bought by his friends. It was reported that "wherever he was he was always welcome. He was filled in the same way as wit and humor, and he was a credit teller of talent. He had artistic suitability that was strong in many lines additional than painting." At the turn of the century Harney was called to New York to realize some work on some paintings that were executed by A.J. Conant. Nearly blind, his hand no longer possessed of the clever it in imitation of had. Harney was called to finish the paintings and Conant's publish was put upon them. Harney was a devotee of the Masonic order and a Knight Templar. Harney was survived by his sister, Mary Walker, and his granddaughter.

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