Simon Baus

Simon Baus (1882–1969) was an American Impressionist from Indianapolis. Baus participated in the Indianapolis City Hospital project. Baus was moreover a aficionado of the Irvington Group.

Simon Baus began his career as an performer at the John Herron Art Institute. Baus studied below William Forsyth, J. Ottis Adams, and Otto Stark. Baus began studying similar to Stark as a high school student at the Emmerich Manual Training High School.
Baus became in force with the Indianapolis City Hospital project, and was a full-time artist on the project. Although Baus is best known for his portraiture, he was a significant contributor to the City Hospital project.
Baus was a fanatic of the Irvington Group, and won numerous awards during his career.

In regards to portraiture, Baus is best known for his portraits of Senator James Eli Watson, Ferdinand Schaeffer, Dr. F.S.C. Wicks, and Emmett Forrest Branch, Indiana's 31st Governor.

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