William Archibald Wall

William Archibald Wall (1828 – 1888) was an American painter, born in New York in 1828. Died in Paddington, London in 1888. He specialized in waterscapes, landscapes and rural and urban views. Although American by birth, Wall spent many years busy and involved in London.

Wall was the son of Irish-born painter William Guy Wall (1792 – 1864). Wall the elder got married in 1812, the similar year he left Ireland for the United States. He and his wife had two daughters; William Archibald was their only son.

Wall contributed a landscape to the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1847 and another time in 1853. He was in London in 1857 and 1858, and exhibited landscapes in those years in the Royal Academy, and in 1857 and 1859 in the British Institution. In 1861, he exhibited at the National Academy in New York. In 1865, 1870 and 1872 he another time contributed to the Royal Academy, and was after that living in, or near, London. His post last occurs in 1875, when he was residing at Norbiton.

In April 1871 he was full of life in Woking, Surrey. In April 1881 he was living upon the Isle of Wight in the same way as his Sister Maria and Daughter Emily, Emily witnessed his death on 3rd February 1888 at 5, Surrendale Place, Paddington.

According to Brook-Hart's scrap book on British 19th Century Marine Painting, Wall is "a rather rare and unquestionably under-estimated artist".

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