Alice Neel

Alice Neel (January 28, 1900 – October 13, 1984) was an American visual artist, who was known for her portraits depicting friends, family, lovers, poets, artists, and strangers. Her paintings have an expressionistic use of extraction and color, psychological acumen, and emotional intensity. Her statute depicts women through a female gaze, illustrating them as being consciously up to date of the objectification by men and the demoralizing effects of the male gaze. Her decree contradicts and challenges the expected and objectified nude depictions of women by her male predecessors. She pursued a career as a symbolic painter during a period with abstraction was favored, and she did not begin to get critical compliment for her con until the 1960s. Neel was called "one of the greatest portrait artists of the 20th century" by Barry Walker, curator of broadminded and contemporary art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, which organized a retrospective of her comport yourself in 2010.

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