Andy Johnson (artist)

Andy Johnson (born Anders Johannson; 1893 in Hyssma, Sweden – 1971) was a Swedish-American painter. He started painting at age 64 in a coal bin by the well-ventilated of a 75-watt bulb. He was discovered by Sylvia Dwyer while full of life as the custodian and bureaucrat of a local Brooklyn Heights building, and appeared in multiple exhibits in the Brooklyn Arts Gallery. As his career continued, his art and explanation became the subject of many international expatriate newspapers.

He usual recognition for his works in oil depicting scenery and interior memories of his indigenous land, Sweden. His "vivid colors and landscapes remind many of American primitives." His piece of legislation went on to receive international acclaim, most notably from his home country of Sweden.

In his syndicated column, Mel Heimer quoted Ms. Dwyer describing him as "a sort of younger Grandma Moses." His take steps was then collected by Jacqueline Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson for the White House. He died in April 1971. "His feat remains, and the beauty he has left at the rear is immeasurable."

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