Anne St. Clair Wright

Anne St. Clair Wright (1910 – 1993) was an American historic preservationist. A central figure in the foundation, in 1952, of Historic Annapolis Incorporated (currently Historic Annapolis Foundation), she served four terms as president and as chairman emeritus of the board. She was answerable for the preservation of the historic middle of the city of Annapolis, Maryland. Her preservation work, advocacy and achievements inspired many preservation movements regarding the United States. She is considered a leading 20th-century American preservationist. Among many civic offices, she served as the director of the Society for the Preservation of Maryland Antiquities; chairman of the board of Preservation Action; was a aficionada of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Advisory Committee of the U.S. National Park Service; director of the Southern Garden History Society; and a director of the Nature Conservancy.[citation needed]

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