Anni von Westrum Baldaugh

Anni von Westrum Baldaugh (August 10, 1881 – August 8, 1953) was an American painter of Dutch birth.

The daughter of Anthonius Hendricus Schade van Westrum, Baldaugh was the youngest of eight in a booming family. She spent much of her teenage years in the Dutch East Indies where her father, a naval officer, was stationed for work; returning to Europe, she studied art below Petrus Johannes Arendzen in Haarlem, Theodor Zaschke in Vienna, and Lothar von Kunowsky in Munich. She then studied in Paris before disturbing to the United States in the 1910s. At some tapering off she married Frank Baldaugh, a German army officer, and the couple moved to Los Angeles in the in advance 1920s. Both had suffered financial losses during World War I, and they were to remain in edited circumstances for the descend of their lives.

In Los Angeles, Baldaugh associated the California Watercolor Club, the California Society of Miniature Painters, the Bookplate Association International, the Laguna Beach Art Association, and the San Diego Fine Arts Society. At some narrowing during her career she next was a aficionado of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts. She collected a number of awards before touching with her husband to San Diego late in the 1920s. During the Great Depression she taught art to supplement her income, taking studio sky first in the New Mexico Building and after that the Spanish Village Place of Balboa Park while animate in the Casa de Bandini in Old Town; Frank took a job as an moot at a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in the Laguna Mountains. Baldaugh was annoyed to vacate her studio during World War II behind the United States Navy took greater than the property. During the skirmish she taught art to ill-treated soldiers.

Baldaugh died in El Cajon. Her output, which consisted largely of portraits, tended towards the Impressionistic, although at become old she seemed to hug Fauvism as well. Several of her works may be found in the stock of the San Diego Museum of Art.

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