Auseklis Ozols

Auseklis Ozols (b. September 22, 1941) is a Latvian-born American player and professor based in New Orleans. Ozols has been nimble in the fields of oil painting, watercolor painting, ink, and photography.

Auseklis Ozols was born in Strenci, Latvia in 1941. He moved to the U.S. with his family in 1950. Ozols graduated in 1961 from the Trenton School of Industrial Arts. In 1965, Ozols went upon to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, before receiving a Master of Fine Arts in 1969 from Temple University.

Ozols moved to New Orleans in 1970, where he married Gwendolyn Laan; they had three daughters. Gwendolyn Laan Ozols died in 1980.

Inspired by Thomas Eakins and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Ozols founded the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts in 1978. Ozols also intended The Academy Gallery, located inside the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. The researcher is still in operation today.

Ozols’ works have been included in public and private collections internationally. In New Orleans, he has expected the Delgado Award from the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Strength in Age Award, and the Community Arts Award from the Arts Council of New Orleans.[citation needed] His works have been displayed at the Louisiana Governor's Mansion, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the New Jersey State Museum, and the Latvian Museum of Art in Riga, Latvia.

Ozols in limbo the sight of his right eye in 2012, but continues to paint and teach. He retired from his produce an effect with the New Orleans Academy in 2020.
Noteworthy students of Ozols enhance Kate Samworth and Matt Rinard.

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