Barry Atwater (painter)

Barry Atwater (1892, Minnesota — January 15, 1956, Santa Fe, New Mexico) was an American player primarily known for painting landscapes of the southwestern United States. He was the dad of actor Barry Atwater.

Atwater grew up in Denver, Colorado, and settled in Los Angeles where he worked as an interior decorator. As a movement he began painting desert landscapes, eventually distressing with his wife to a small cabin built for him by advertising management Ray Morgan upon a 2,000-acre (8.1 km2) ranch in Dos Palmas, [California]. Morgan built the retreat for Atwater correspondingly he could live in the midst of the scenery he painted. In the 1940s Atwater relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Atwater's paintings are noted for their intensely contrasted areas of flat color, suggesting the stark beauty of America's southwestern terrain.

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