Ben Culwell

Ben L. Culwell (September 8, 1918 – 1992) was an American painter and in the future participant in the abstract expressionist movement. He is most widely known for his participation in the Museum of Modern Art’s 1946 Fourteen Americans exhibition. His produce a result is included in the surviving collection of Houston's Menil Collection, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. In 1977, Culwell's sham was featured in a retrospective at the McNay Art Museum. Ten years vanguard in 1987, Culwell's before paintings were featured in Adrenalin Hour, an exhibition unmodified at the inauguration of the Menil Collection, to critical acclaim. In 2007, his put it on was included in an exhibition at Baylor University, Texas Modern: The Rediscovery of Early Texas Abstraction 1935–1965.

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