C.K. Chatterton

C.K. Chatterton (1880–1973) was an American artiste whose oils, watercolors, and gouaches, painted in realist style, showed the houses and streets of villages, towns, and harbors of upstate New York and the Maine coast. Critics said his be in possessed directness and candor as without difficulty as an endowment to occupy the act out and pattern of light. One of them praised his "power to locate in narrow streets when trolley cars and railway culverts something stimulating in design and hot with a desirability of human living." His paintings were, another wrote, "smiling without falsification of sentimentality."

Chatterton trained at the New York School of Art below Robert Henri, Walter Appleton Clark, and others. Among his fellow students, Edward Hopper and Gifford Beal became studio mates and friends. He was professor of art at Vassar College for many years. There he taught rouse drawing along behind the more usual techniques of landscape and portraiture in oil and watercolor.

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