Carroll Dunham

Carroll Dunham (born November 5, 1949) is an American painter. Working past the late 1970s, Dunham's career reached valuable renown in the 1980s as soon as he first exhibited with Baskerville + Watson, a decade during which many artists returned to painting. He is known for his conceptual door to painting and drawing and his inclusion in exploring the membership between exclusion and figuration.

Of his body of work, Johanna Burton writes, "Dunham's career can be characterized by its rigorous indefinability, as his works dip freely into the realms of abstraction, figuration, surrealism, graffiti, pop, even cartoons, without ever settling loyally into any one of them." David Pagel, in a Los Angeles Times review meant to be complimentary, described his paintings as "vulgar greater than belief..."

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