Charlotte Park (artist)

Charlotte Park, also known as Charlotte Park Brooks (1918–2010) was an American abstract painter. She began perform as a professional artist soon after the near of World War II, working in studios first in Manhattan and after that in eastern Long Island. She was allied with and drew both preserve and inspiration from her husband James Brooks and new first-generation abstract expressionist artists, including particularly her neighbors, Jackson Pollock, and Lee Krasner. During most of her career she neither sought nor received praise from critics and collectors, but late in sparkle was highly praised for the feel of her artistic achievements and had her enactment shown in prestigious solo and society exhibitions. At the decline of her sparkle a critic said, "Hers was a major gift whatever but stifled by a happily embraced domesticity and by the vital bullying of a brutally doctrinaire art world."[note 1]

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