Clyde Follet Seavey

Clyde Follet Seavey (June 23, 1904 – 1991) was an American artist.

Seavey was born in Sacramento, California. His dad was a city credited in Sacramento.
Seavey married a Peruvian woman named Adele de Izcue. Together, they had a son named Clyde Izcue Seavey Jr.

Adele de Izcue died in 2001. Both Seavey's wife and unaided child were often subjects in his drawings and paintings.

Seavey attended UC Berkeley. Here, he won a scholarship to attend the California College of Arts & Crafts. After graduation, he opened a San Francisco-based flyer art company gone Louis Shawl and Paul Nyland. The company was in concern for exceeding a half-century. Separate from his company, Seavey worked as a commercial performer for combination magazines including The American Weekly. Seavey's personal work, sketchbooks and paintings, portray his in the future domestic vivaciousness in Laguna, California.

Seavey has shown perform in museums and galleries on the order of California, including a do something at Gilbert Galleries in 1966. He is noted for his paintings of old, San Franciscan mansions and Victorian houses at night or in twilight. The Seavey family owned a four-story home in Pacific Heights. The artist used this spread as a gallery for his expansive body of portraits and San Francisco scenes. The home was torn down concerning 1980.

Seavey was a aficionada of the San Francisco Artists Club, the San Francisco Artists & Art Directors Club, and the San Francisco Advertising Club.
Seavey died in 1991.

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