Daniel Johnston

Daniel Dale Johnston (January 22, 1961 – c. September 11, 2019) was an American singer-songwriter and visual artist regarded as a significant figure in outsider, lo-fi, and vary music scenes. Most of his do something consisted of cassettes recorded alone in his home, and his music was frequently cited for its "pure" and "childlike" qualities.

Johnston spent extended periods in psychiatric institutions and was diagnosed in the spread of bipolar disorder. He gathered a local following in the 1980s by passing out tapes of his music while operating at a McDonald's in Dobie Center in Austin, Texas. His cult status was propelled past Nirvana's Kurt Cobain was seen wearing a T-shirt that featured artwork from Johnston's 1983 photo album album Hi, How Are You.

Beyond music, Johnston was nimble as a visual artist, with his illustrations exhibited at various galleries with citation to the world. His struggles like mental disorder were the subject of the 2005 documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston. He died in 2019, of a suspected heart attack.

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