Daniel Solomon

Daniel Solomon (born 1945) is an American-born Canadian abstract painter who uses intense, vibrant colour in his work, combined as soon as complex, pictorial space, inspired by artists such as Jack Bush. Critics recommend that he and artists such as David Bolduc formed a bridge between the second and third generations of Toronto modernists or even form portion of the third generation of Toronto abstract painters which includes artists such as Alex Cameron and Paul Sloggett.

Solomon was born in Topeka, Kansas but grew up in Salem, Oregon, through tall school. In 1963, he went to the University of Oregon to scrutiny architecture and, as ration of that program, took drawing, painting and sculpture. In 1967, he immigrated to Canada, to Toronto, where, in 1970, he began teaching at the Ontario College of Art. Paul Sloggett was a student in the first class that he taught.

Solomon found his signature style in 1970 like he bookish to trust the commotion of his own body to create the visual handwriting in his paintings. He varied his accomplish of the in front 1970s to create paintings that are pattern pictures, pared-down canvases, or paintings that use over-scaled brushstrokes that float across the canvas, a motif he continues to favour.

By the mid-1970s, Solomon was featured, usually along in the same way as David Bolduc, in the shows which drew together significant groupings of Toronto`s abstract painters, such as Canada x Ten (1974) (Art Gallery of Alberta) curated by Karen Wilkin; and David Mirvish Gallery: a Selection of Paintings in Toronto (1976) which featured Bush, along with Solomon and Bolduc.

The most important international exhibition in which Solomon`s decree was featured occurred in 1977. It was called 14 Canadians: a Critic`s Choice, and the exhibition was held at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC, curated by Andrew Hudson. For the artists who participated at least, it was of primary importance.

Since then, Solomon has showed his sham in numerous galleries, both in solo and intervention exhibitions, in Canada and internationally. In Toronto, he exhibited in the atmosphere of David Mirvish Gallery (closed in 1977), then in the same way as Klonarides Inc., and then afterward Moore Gallery. In Montreal, he exhibited past Elca London Gallery. In 2020, he showed new play in with Paul Sloggett at The 13th Street Gallery in Ste. Catharines, Ontario.

Solomons’s paintings and sculptures can be found in major public collections across Canada, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, and he has had commissions, notably an outside painted mural on the Flatiron Building, Toronto (1971) and an outside painted metal sculpture, Martha's Vineyard, installed at the 13th Street Winery, Ste. Catharines, Ontario (2013). He has afterward created designs for dance and theatre sets for the duMaurier Theatre in Toronto (1992, 1998), among others.

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