Edward Boccia

Edward Eugene Boccia (1921–2012) was an American painter and poet who lived and worked in St. Louis, Missouri and served as a academic circles professor in the School of Fine Arts, Washington University, St. Louis. Boccia's sham consisted mostly of large scale paintings in Neo-Expressionist style, and reflect an interest in religion and its role in the radical world. His primary format was the multi-panel painting.

Widely exhibited during his lifetime, and the focus of a number of retrospective and solo exhibits, the artist created higher than 1,500 paintings, and more than fifty large scale multi-panel format oil paintings in a neo-expressionist style, such as Mystique Marriage (1979). The American miser of avant garde European modernism Morton D. May was Boccia's most important patron, and held a large increase of Boccia's work. Research, exhibitions and publications are overseen by the artiste trust - The Edward E. Boccia and Madeleine J. Boccia Artist Trust, St. Louis who afterward own all copyrights and are the sole authenticator of the artist's works. More may be college at Official Site of Edward E. Boccia

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