Edward T. Grigware

Edward T. Grigware (April 3, 1889 - January 10, 1960) was an American painter. He painted murals for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) as skillfully as for banks.

Grigware was born upon April 3, 1889, in Paceville, Michigan.

Grigware first lived in Chicago, where he associated the Chicago Association of Painters and Sculptors, and his artwork was exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1927. In 1936, he moved to Cody, Wyoming, where he painted the mural inside the Cody Mural Chapel of LDS Church in the 1940s. He as well as painted murals in LDS chapels in Los Angeles and Honolulu, as well as banks in Spokane and Seattle. His artwork was added to the increase of the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, Washington.

Grigware married Blanche Lanaghen in 1913, and he was widowed in 1959. He died of a heart attack upon January 10, 1960, in Cody, Wyoming. His funeral was held at St Anthony Catholic Church, and he was buried in Riverside Cemetery.

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