Edwina Florence Wills

Edwina Florence Wheeler Wills (December 5, 1915 – December 1, 2002) was an American artiste and composer who played cello and piano. A indigenous of Des Moines, Iowa, she conventional a B.A. from Grinnell College. On Feb 3, 1939, she married Luther Max Wills and they had four children.

Wills played cello in the Des Moines Symphony Orchestra, as well as in the Salem and Eugene Symphony Orchestras, both in Oregon. In 1971, she became the principal cellist in the Portland, Oregon, Chamber Orchestra. She taught chamber music at Lewis and Clark College and taught cello at Washington State University.

Wills sculpted and painted in oil and watercolor, exhibiting at the Art Institute of Chicago. One of her works was a medieval-style chess set consisting of eight sculptures: a king, a queen, and six extra chess pieces.

Her musical compositions include:

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