Buff Monster

Buff Monster (born April 14, 1979) is an American painter. His take steps is characterized by glad characters animate in brightly colored bubbly landscapes.

Buff Monster was born in Hawaii and graduated from the University of Southern California similar to a Good arts major.

He made a declare for himself by putting occurring thousands of hand-silkscreened posters across Los Angeles. Along in the same way as his paintings, he has created a range of merchandise, from prints and stickers to vinyl toys and plush. In 2012 he created a homage to Garbage Pail Kids called The Melty Misfits; a heap of vintage-style trading cards, complete in imitation of wax wrapper.[citation needed]

The color pink, a parable of confidence, individuality and happiness, is present in whatever he creates. He cites heavy metal music, ice cream and Japanese culture as major influences. His proceed has been shown in galleries worldwide, often in the midst of large installations. In 2010, the Bristol City Museum acquired a painting of his for their long-lasting collection. His art has been published in a variety of magazines, websites, newspapers and books, including Juxtapoz, Paper, Nylon, Cool Hunting, Angeleno, the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly and The New York Times.[citation needed] He was afterward featured in Banksy's movie: Exit Through the Gift Shop.

In 2012, Buff Monster moved from Los Angeles to breathing and take effect in New York City.

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