Courtney Adams

Courtney Adams (born June 5, 1981 in Houston, Texas) is an artist based in Hamburg, Germany. His style is flat, but a multi-dimensional style of painting called “Cubo-Expressionistic Primitivism” ( a mix of French Cubism, German Expressionism and African Primitivism), in which he filed a copyright in the reveal of the Library of Congress in the United States of America in 2002. His works are usually curtains in acrylic paint to manufacture a “factory made” look. After monster discovered by well-known Polish singer Aneta Barcik at a winter concert in Houston, Texas in 2010 (the year of Frédéric Chopin's bicentenary), Adams was fixed to become the art director for “Chopin 200th” a multi-media festival created by Barcik. The festival toured a propos Europe, most notably at the Eigenarten Festival in Germany. In 2011, Houston based magazine "River oaks/Tanglewood Buzz" did a unexpected segment very nearly Adams winter exhibition in Germany and London, as without difficulty as his first masterclass taught in London at the Loft at Crouch End. In June, he was nominated as the first "Polen Freund" (translated in English as the First Friend of Poland) in the 1st Polish Festival in Hamburg, Germany which took place at Museum für Völkerkunde. This fortunate allowed him as the first non-Polish performer to exhibit his acquit yourself at the Festival at the museum. Courtney was featured in a news segment called "Kultur Tip" on the Hamburg Journal TV program in June, 2011. In April 2012,Adams as a consequence became the first and abandoned American Artist inducted into The Magma Group, an artiste exhibition action based in South East London, curated by artist Annie Zamero. In November 2012, Courtney Adams signed a two-year art distribution unity with Uk-based company LatestSale and has previously left the Magma Group.

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