George Pali

George Pali is an American Albanian contemporary visual artist. George Pali is a painter born in Shkodra Albania. From 1976 - 1980 attended the ILA Instituti i Larte i Arteve Academy of Arts in Tirana, 1991 he graduated from Michigan State University, Studio Arts (MFA). He works and lives in Stamford CT in the United States as a pardon artist. Specialized in painting, collages and mosaics, after many exhibitions New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Bernardsville NJ, Cane, Nice, Florence, Tokyo art galleries and art events, in October 2013 he exhibited his works at the National Art Gallery of Albania, in an exhibition named "The Journey", and May 2015 "The Journey Continues" at the FAB Art Gallery (The Gallery of the Art Academy in Tirana, Albania).

Pali was into the creative arts from at certainly young age. His inclination was, however, not painting. He was more enthusiastic in music during childhood. Gradually, the teenager Pali began to influence toward painting, a medium he says helped him song himself enlarged than music.

Pali graduated as soon as a BFA from the Institute of Arts in Tirana, Albania in 1980. He did not remain in his indigenous country for long, fleeing in January 1988 due to diplomatic reasons and to escape the restrictions the authorities placed on artistic freedom. Pali emigrated that same year to the U.S. In America, he enrolled in the MFA degree at the Michigan State University. He graduated in 1991. Currently resides in Stamford, where his studio is.

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