Guy Aitchison

Guy Aitchison (born 1968) is a tattoo performer and a painter born in Michigan. Aitchison began painting album covers in 1985 and began tattooing in 1988. He has moreover released several books. He owns a studio called Hyper Space Studios bearing in mind his wife, Michele Wortman, who is furthermore a tattoo artiste and painter. They were both on TLC's Tattoo Wars in 2007. He is the brother of former LA Ink TV personality, Hannah Aitchison. He was also a guest artist upon LA Ink.
He gave Rob Zombie his first tattoo in 1989 following he was 21.

Guy Aitchison was already in an apprenticeship at the Jacklich Corporation in the art department by age 17. After completing his apprenticeship he began painting stamp album covers for Vinnie Moore, David Chastain, Apocrypha, Hex, Skatenigs, and mostly for California-based Shrapnel Records. In 1989 he began a tattooing apprenticeship at Bob Oslon’s Custom Tattooing in Chicago for two years. He opened his own tattoo studio, Guilty & Innocent Productions, which remained a summit standing shop until 1998 like it shut down so that he could concern to the country to focus more upon painting.[citation needed]

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