Jason D'Aquino

Jason D'Aquino (born October 22, 1974) is an American artist who works exclusively upon found outdated objects, primarily in graphite upon an incredibly miniature scale. He has been called the "Master of Miniatures", and is part of the Lowbrow (or Pop Surrealist) art movement.

D'Aquino is best known for his 'Matchbook Miniatures' which are meticulously hyper detailed little scale pencil drawings, not exceeding one inch by one inch in dimension, carefully crafted onto the inside cover of vintage strike-on-front matchbooks. D'Aquino's illustrations visit themes of evil, cruelty, madness, and loss of innocence. These motifs derive themselves from his passion for vagueness and macabreĀ : his greatest influences mammal H. P. Lovecraft, Edward Gorey, Hans Bellmer, Maurice Sendak, and serial killers such as Ed Gein and sundry new real-life monsters and deviants of authenticated crime.

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