Jeremy Penn

Jeremy Penn (born 1979) is an American artist, who lives in New York City.

Penn was born in 1979. He attended Fine Art instructor at the University of Maryland, and graduated from the Pratt Institute in 2003. Penn's paintings often focus upon the subject of celebrities or celebrity culture. Following the triumph of many of his paintings, he uses flames to sear the works to develop a less polished look. He has acknowledged that his favorite paintings are those he has curtains of Brigitte Bardot, in complement to extra symbols of sexuality in the heavens of Anna Karina, Catherine Deneuve and Jane Birkin. There is a specific focus upon the eyes of the subject in his work.

In 2009 Penn was awarded the Pinnacle Award for Top Accessory in the Home Furnishings Industry by the American Society of Furniture Designers, for the "Bloomin' Onion Vase" he meant for The Phillips Collection. That year he was the first ever featured artist of the first annual New York City Freedom Week, with an exhibition of portraits painted of the survivors of flyer sex exploitation and child soldiery. The exhibition took place at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts on September 24.

In 2011 Penn's portrait of Emmanuel Jal entitled War Child was the winner of the Peace Maker Award at The Peace Project art exhibition. Jal was afterward the subject of a documentary film of the thesame name. In July Penn was a ration of the Clipped art exhibition at Le Salon d’Art in New York City. In September Penn was next chosen as the sole artiste to represent the United States at the Pan-American Games international art exhibition RosaFest. In October Penn was featured in Home Fashion & Furniture Trends Magazine for his use of sustainable materials in his artwork, including forward-looking furniture design piece of legislation with The Phillips Collection. In November Penn's works became a allocation of an exhibition in the duplex penthouse of the Trump SoHo which was curated by Indiewalls. Then on December 21, 2012, Penn was exhibited as a allocation of the Mayan Parade exhibition, inspired by the decline of the Mayan calendar. Penn was then exhibited at Red Bull Curates New York.

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