Joseph Fiore

Joseph Fiore (1925–2008) was an American painter. He was functioning with Black Mountain College from 1946–1957, first as a student and superior as a aficionado of the faculty.

Fiore was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Fiore's father was a violinist and founding zealot of the Cleveland Symphony.

Fiore was conscripted as an infantryman and served in Northern France during World War II. He went to North Carolina in the summer of 1946 to examination at Black Mountain College, where he was united with facility members Ilya Bolotowsky, who taught painting, and Charlotte Schlesinger, the piano instructor. While he primarily emphasized painting, music was a mighty secondary interest. Fiore sang in the school's chorus and took a musical composition from John Cage during the 1948 Summer Institute.

During his mature as a student at Black Mountain College, Fiore as a consequence met and married Anne Furman Banks, another pupil at the school. In the fall of 1948, the two briefly left Black Mountain for the West Coast, where Fiore studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. By the summer of 1949, the two were help in North Carolina, in allocation due to an disorder requiring his wife to be hospitalized in Asheville. Fiore was appointed a capability member in 1949 as well, chosen by Pete Jennerjahn to replace outgoing power member Josef Albers. In the summer of 1950, Fiore met and fell in love with unconventional student, Mary Falconer Fitton. The two were married discreetly in 1952. Their simulation at Black Mountain College was dramatically marked by a blaze in 1953, which destroyed most of the Fiores' worldly goods and a large amount of the end work. The artiste remained at Black Mountain College as a skill member until the school's closure in 1957.

Fiore's unqualified departure from Black Mountain brought him to New York City. His first significant produce a result there was a two-man exhibition later fellow Black Mountain College alumnus and sculptor John Chamberlain at Davida Gallery in 1958.

He died at his home in New York City in 2008, survived by his wife Mary and kids Thomas and Susanna.

Fiore created abstract oil paintings and collages. His play in was frequently was frequently inspired by the natural world. The gigantic majority of works Fiore created at Black Mountain College were floating to a blaze on campus in 1953. However, some of his radiant collages were spared. James Thompson described Fiore's long artistic career as dividing into three periods:

"The first, which began past his conduct yourself at Black Mountain College, includes an exploration of modernism below Bolotowsky that started next a investigation of European masters behind Picasso, Braque, and Klee and continued taking into consideration America's first major school, the Abstract Expressionists. [...] During the second major period of his art Fiore applied his knowledge of non-figurative composition to natural motifs: he became a landscape painter in a much more obvious and acknowledged sense. [...] The third period of Fiore's art includes works inspired by ethnic carved and painted rock decorations."

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