Lisa Alvarado

Lisa Alvarado (born 1982) is an American Xicana visual performer and harmonium player.

Hybridity, in-betweenness, and multiplicity are central to Alvarado's work. Her practice is an exercise in balance, bridging visual art and hermetically sealed to Make works that "feel at bearing in mind spiritual and beached in the physical, natural world". Her paintings "operate as stage sets, artworks, and ritual objects simultaneously, and engage next abstraction over the parameters of western art history". Alvarado's practice is rooted in a Xicana perspective and "vibrational aesthetics", "channeling Mexican and Tibetan textiles; Anni Albers; and AfriCobra artists subsequent to Jeff Donaldson, Wadsworth Jarrell and Barbara Jones-Hogu".

The free-hanging paintings of Alvarado often accompany the musical ensemble Natural Information Society, for which she plays harmonium.

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