Matthew Langley

Matthew Langley is a New York City painter and photographer whose be in has focuses upon space, compression, volume and sentience (painting) and Vanishing American DIY culture (photography). This photographic series is titled Vanishing Culture USA.

The painting produce an effect with structures are a visual system exploring ideas within a framework that allows a departure lessening for other exploration. This departure - from strict formal codes allows an informal truth that can highlight the variety, complexity and diagnostic nature of painting as with ease as offer a further edit to reductive image making. This entrйe ended approach is core to the images created and allows them to be handled considering the same approach - a non-specific exactness.

Matthew Langley's works are somewhat influenced by Reductive Minimalism in terms of stripping art to its bare fundamentals. Which could be traced help to Herbert Bayer who was in the same way as the Bauhaus director.

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