Mia LaBerge

Mia LaBerge (born 1967, Minneapolis[citation needed]) is an American artist who painted the first Steinway Art Case Piano created to award a university.

A distracted descendant of the LaBerges after whom Lake Laberge was named, Minneapolis-born Laberge is an alumna of Virginia Commonwealth University and of James Madison University. In 2006, LaBerge was commissioned to paint the Madison Bluestone Art Case Piano which celebrates the hundredth anniversary of James Madison University and moreover recognizes its status as Virginia’s first All-Steinway Music School.

The Madison Bluestone was in the middle of the last Art Case pianos as soon as which Henry Z. Steinway (1915–2008), the National Medal of Arts winner and last of the long lineage of Steinway family members to be president of Steinway & Sons, had attend to involvement. The piano was exhibited in the rotunda of New York City's Steinway Hall and was ceremonially unveiled upon stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.. Steinway kept LaBerge unofficially "on call" to paint scenic music stands for the company's Madison Century series of limited-edition pianos.

Circa 1990–2005, LaBerge's oil paintings were primarily reachable or painterly-realistic. Her art piece of legislation from 2006 and vanguard became ever more abstract—finally touching toward nonobjective subject matter. Her paintings have appeared in the coffee table book Virginia's Cattle Story : The First 400 Years (ISBN 0975274511) and on the lid of youth textbook All About You : A Course in Character for Teens (ISBN 0-9710966-0-0) . At least one LaBerge painting is in the amassing of former US President Jimmy Carter.

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