Rose Piper

Rose Theodora Piper (October 7, 1917 – May 11, 2005) was an American painter best known for her semi-abstract, blues-inspired paintings of the 1940s. In the 1950s, out of financial necessity, she became a textile designer. For approximately thirty years, she worked as Rose Ransier, designing knit fabrics.

The American public took note of her put-on in the slip of 1947 taking into account she gave her first solo exhibition—titled Blues and Negro Folk Songs—at the Roko Gallery in New York. The exhibition featured 14 paintings based on folk and blues songs. The doing was very rich and was lauded by art critics; due to its resounding success, the enactment was held on height of for an supplementary week, and the enormous majority of the paintings were sold. At the time, Piper was one of on your own four African-American abstract painters to have had solo shows in New York. After retiring from textile design, she resumed painting and exhibiting in the 1980s.

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