Stephanie Rond

Stephanie Rond (born June 6, 1973 in Columbus, Ohio) is an Irish-American street performer and painter breathing in Columbus, Ohio USA. She is the creator of S.Dot Gallery, a dollhouse art gallery featured in the award-winning documentary Tiny Out Loud. Her sham explores the concepts of feminism and accessibility in art. Rond's show challenges the expected gender roles joined with both indoor and outside space. The majority of her street art includes a character "ghost girl" who represents the ghost of humanity. Rond has dedicated her career to portraying women in a more honest fashion. Rond uses models to create her street art pieces using a hand-cut, multi-tier vaporizer paint stenciling technique. It is Rond's goal to deed women and girls as certain role models and supple citizens, combating the typical objectification of women in advertising. Her street art has appeared throughout the world.

Rond was born in Columbus, Ohio. She attended Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School and usual a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Ohio State University. Rond began making street art in 2007 as a challenge to the male dominance of the art form. Rond is a feminist artiste and is heavily working in her community as an innovative for the arts. She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio where she works full-time as an artist, curator and community activist. She lives in imitation of her husband and their two cats, Dot and Dorrie.

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