Whitney McVeigh

Whitney Osborn McVeigh (born 1968) is an American multimedia player living and in action in London. Born in New York, she grew stirring in London from the age of seven.

McVeigh is the daughter of Pamela Osborn and Charles McVeigh III, an American banker. She attended Bedales School from 1980 to 1985. Whilst studying for a BA at Edinburgh College of Art from 1995 to 1998, McVeigh ran a funk, reggae, and rare groove night club named 'Chocolate City' with her then boyfriend Jamie Byng, publisher and managing director of Canongate Books, whom she married in 1996 and subsequent to whom she has two children, Leo and Marley. Byng and McVeigh divided in 2001.

She has travelled extensively to carry out her practice and has held residencies in India, Mexico, China and the Nirox Foundation in South Africa. McVeigh considers herself an autobiographical artist. Exhibitions tote up Plato in L.A.: Contemporary Artists' Visions at the Getty Villa, Los Angeles Inventory: Invisible Companion at St Peter's Church, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge., solo project at the Gervasuti Foundation for the 55th Venice Biennale Hunting Song. and New Work at the A Foundation, London (2009).

McVeigh made a film-based artwork during a vacation to Syria to Make Sight of Memory, screened in Icastica Arezzo 2013. In 2015, she produced a film in collaboration with Pulse Films. 'Birth': Origins at the decrease of life' shown at the Reynolds Room at Royal Academy as allowance of an annual business with St Christopher's. McVeigh exhibited Language of Memory at Summerhall Arts Centre, Edinburgh in 2015–16. In 2009 she was featured in BBC Four Where is Modern Art Now. McVeigh is part-time Fellow in Creative Practice at London College of Fashion.

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